Below you will find papers and other materials presented at conferences, conventions, and other meetings within the South Atlantic District. No explicit attempt is made to archive all papers or materials, but materials may be posted upon request.

Continuing Education Conference 2019

SuperCircuit 2019

Missionary Conference - JAN 2019

A direct link to the agenda.

Materials for the conference.

Called Workers Conference,
Oct 2018


Agenda for the supercircuit.

Pastor Jon Scharf presented an Ascension text study.

Cottonbelt Conference Jan, 2018

Pastor Luke Thompson presented "An Attempt at a Distinctively Lutheran Approach to Christian Apologetics." He has made the resources from this presentation available on Dropbox.


Pastor Craig Born led a roundtable on best practices for various pastoral responsibilities. Vicar Micah Plocher took notes on the items that were discussed.

CottonBelt Conference Jan, 2017

The following papers were presented at the Jan 2017 Cottonbelt Conference held at Saving Grace Lutheran Church in Mobile, AL. The focus for the Conference was Building Stronger Marriages

Held at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Monck's Corner, SC.

Pastor Ben Kratz presented Nexus Bible Study Materials.

Dr. John Lawrenz presented "These are the Scriptures that testify about me."

Cottonbelt Conference

May 2016

CottonBelt Conference May 2015

The following papers were presented at the May 2015 Cottonbelt Conference held at A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church in Hiram, GA.