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Cottonbelt Conference 2018

  • Messiah Lutheran Church 4765 Kimball Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA, 30005 United States (map)

Messiah, Alpharetta, GA

Jan. 8-10, 2018

Basic Details

Developing a Lutheran Apologetic (Luke Thompson - 5ish hours - TBD based on conversations with him)

Recently in our circles there has been more and more talk of apologetics. WLQ has also noticed the need and put out some articles on it. This is good. We are reacting in love to a North America that is increasingly post-Christian. To a degree the American South has been isolated from the worst of the onslaught, but we have reason to believe it will come. We have the unique opportunity to be prepared as the cultural creep reaches us too. Developing a truly Lutheran apologetic that will allow us to speak with all the power, love, and wisdom we can muster is a timely activity for us. Questions worth exploring will include: What are the theological limits of apologetics? What use should they have in different ministry settings like preaching, teaching, catechism, one to one evangelism, etc.? What sorts of arguments should the Lutheran parish pastor be familiar with? How will a Lutheran apologetic differ from Reformed or Evangelical approaches?

Book Review (Presenter – Jonathan Kehl) – 60 minutes

We will be reviewing The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary Habermas and Michael Licona. Pastor Kehl has prepared some questions for us to use as we read and then will lead a discussion at Conference.

Romans 1 Exegesis (Presenter Keith Schleis) – 75 minutes

The presenter is asked to take us through the Greek in Romans chapter 1 with an emphasis on the natural knowledge of God and natural law. He is asked to highlight through the exegesis Paul's arguments that will form the basis to a scriptural approach to apologetics. He may also include some Greek review to keep the brother’s fresh.

Worship: Confession of St. Peter

Kratz preaching

Readings:  Kratz handling devoters:

Lindloff, Stuebs, Kurbis