Youth Grants

Southern Lutheran Academy Association [SLAA] is here to help Christian families and congregations. We are a non-profit organization whose assets provide financial support to qualifying students in WELS secondary education schools, and to congregations and elementary schools offering Christian education or youth ministry programs for adolescents in the South Atlantic District of the WELS and Circuit 1 of the ELS.



Grant requests may be submitted via our online application form

Here's how We Help

We offer three types of grants:

1. Tuition Assistance Grant, for students enrolled in WELS secondary education schools (such as LPS or MLS). 

2. Education Grant, for congregational and LES adolescent Christian education programs. 

3. Youth Ministry Grant, for congregational adolescent ministry events and programs.

Who May Apply

The following may apply for financial assistance:

  • Parents of high-school students from WELS South Atlantic District and ELS Circuit 1 congregations who are enrolled in a WELS secondary education school may apply for a tuition assistance grant.

  • Schools and churches in WELS South Atlantic District and ELS Circuit 1 which offer educational youth programs for adolescents may apply for an education grant. Grants can help fund distance learning initiatives, adding upper grades to an existing Lutheran Elementary School, improving classroom furnishings and technology, etc.

  • Churches in WELS South Atlantic District and ELS Circuit 1 which offer a program to assist adolescents in their spiritual development may apply for a youth ministry grant. Youth ministry grants can be used in many different ways, for example: life-changing mission trips, camps, tours of synodical schools, etc.


The Southern Lutheran Academy Association is led by its elected Board of Directors:

Pastor John Backus, President
Mr. Bob Barnard, Treasurer
Mr. Jon Kulhanek, Secretary
Mr. Chris Haring, Grant Review Committee Chairman
Mr. Tim Suttle, Grant Review Committee Member


We'd love to hear from you because we want to help. Interested in applying for a grant? You can do that here.  Are there other questions you need answered?  Use the form below to contact the Southern Lutheran Academy Association staff:


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