Choral Music

The following is a chart containing liturgical day, the Gospel, worship themes, and suggested anthems for the church year.

Choral Anthems for Year B, 2014-2015

*Prices subject to change




Gospel Episode



Advent 1

Mark 13:32-37

Jesus instructs: No one knows the day or the hour.

No one knows when; therefore, watch!

The King Shall Come – John Behnke, c. 2006 – 2pt Mixed, Organ, CPH 98-3886 – NPH 284763 $1.50;

Come as King – Mengel, c. 2006 CPH 98-3894 (NPH 284761);

Emanuel – Nygard, c. 2009 Augsburg Fortress - 9780800664312

Advent 2

Mark 1:1-8

John baptizes in preparation for one who is more powerful than he.

He comes with power; therefore, prepare!

Prepare Ye the Way – Rodriguez, c. 2012 – SATB, Piano, MSM 50-0046 – NPH 285182 $1.70;

Lift Up Your Heads – Kohrs, c. 2009 CPH 98-3986; POD (Print on Demand)/PDF

O Savior Rend – Helman, c. 2004 Augsburg Fortress - 9780800676599;

Make Straight in the Desert a Highway – Hunnicut, GIA G-3981;

Advent 3

John 1:6-8, 19-28

John points to the light, but people don't listen.

He is the Light that gives light; therefore, listen!

In Hope We Wait, Emmanuel – Wagner, c. 2012 – SATB, Piano, Perc., Hal Leonard 35028130 – NPH 285174 $1.95;

Light of the World – Coleman, c. 2006 CPH 98-3887 (NPH 284764);

A Voice Proclaims – Bell, GIA G-5499

Advent 4

Luke 1:26-38

Mary receives in faith the promise of an eternal king.

He rules forever; therefore, receive him!

He Shall Be Great – Scialla, GIA G-4792;

Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly – Eggert; CPH 98-3633;

Mary’s Song – Larson, c. 2001 Hal Leonard 08745358

The Angel Gabriel – Leavitt, Augsburg Fortress 9780806698328 (NPH 284996)

Christmas Eve

Luke 2:1-20

Jesus is born in Bethlehem

The Birth of the Holy Child

That Boy-Child of Mary – Colvin/Denis, c. 2014 – SATB, Piano, opt. congr., Augsburg Fortress 9781451485981 – NPH 285162 $1.95

Star of Advent – Choplin, c. 2009 Lorenz 10/3992L;

Peace Came to Earth – Jeffrey, c. 2000 MSM-50-1086 (NPH 284402)

Christmas Day

John 1:1-14

The Word became flesh

The true God comes to dwell with people

Christmas 1

Luke 2:25-40

Jesus with Simeon and Anna

See God’s salvation through the eyes of faith.

Song of Simeon – Tollefson, c. 2012 – SATB, NPH 28N6117E $1.60

When Mary to the Temple Came – Philip Young, c. 2007 MSM-50-5804;

Canticle of Simeon – Hommerding, c. 1992 World Library Publications 008565;

Lord, Now You Let Your Servant Go in Peace – Schalk, c. 2003 CPH 98-3733

Christmas 2

John 7:40-43

The people were divided because of Jesus’ humble origins.

Humble Savior, humble reception

You Who Were Rich – Worst, GIA G-5469




Gospel Episode




Matthew 2:1-12

The wise men come to worship the newborn king.

Know him, follow him: He is the Savior of all nations

Star of the East – Basi, c. 2012 – SATB, Piano, opt. Inst., WLP (World Library Publications) 008466 – NPH 285186 $1.50

This Is My Beloved Son – Choplin, c. 2006 Lorenz 10/3475L (NPH 284778);

A Carol for Epiphany – Schalk, c. 2012 CPH 98-4097;

Canticle for Epiphany – Weber, c. 2014 Augsburg Fortress 978451485776

Epiphany 1

Mark 1:4-11

Jesus is anointed by the Spirit at his baptism.

Know him, follow him: He is God's Anointed One

God, Who at the Font Once Named Us – Proulx, c. 2000 WLP 8682;

Baptized in Living Waters – Schalk, GIA G-6053;

When Jesus Came to Jordan – Trapp, GIA G-5266

Epiphany 2

John 1:43-51

Jesus effectively calls Philip and Nathanael.

Know him, follow him: His call is effective

Speak, O Lord – Ferguson, c. 2007 MSM-50-5108 (NPH 284816);

I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light – Thomerson GIA G-2786;

Lord, You Call Us - Haugen/Burkhardt, c. 2012 MSM-50-7800

Epiphany 3

Mark 1:14-20

Jesus calls fishermen as his first disciples.

Know him, follow him: He calls the unexpected

Come Follow Me and Live – Berberick/Walker, c. 1999 OCP 20063;

Epiphany 4

Mark 1:21-28

Jesus' powerful and authoritative words drive out demons.

Know him, follow him: His word expels evil

Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness – Bobb, c. 2010 CPH 98-4021;

Among You Is the Holy One – Lisicky, GIA G-3680

Epiphany 5

Mark 1:29-39

Jesus undoes sin's curse temporarily through healing, permanently through preaching

Know him, follow him: He undoes sin's curse

Behold the Lamb of God – Keithman/ Horman, c. 2011 – Unison, Piano, opt. Inst., GIA G-7715 – NPH 285170 $1.80

E6-E8 do not occur in 2015

Epiphany Last

Mark 9:2-9

Jesus reveals God's glory on the mountain, predicts his resurrection.

Know him, follow him: He unveils God's glory

This Is My Beloved Son – Choplin, c. 2006SATB, Piano, Lorenz 10/3475L – NPH 284778 $1.95;

Beautiful Savior – Blersch, c. 2011 CPH 98-4079 (NPH 285072);

Go Up to the Mountain of God – Helman, c. 1999 Augsburg Fortress 9780800658359




Gospel Episode



Ash Wednesday

Luke 18:9-14

The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector illustrates the importance of repentance.

Lessons of Lent: Repentance brings forgiveness; self-righteousness condemnation

In Hopelessness and Near Despair – arr. Hildebrand, c. 2013 – SATB, Organ, opt. Clarinet, NPH 2806121E $1.90

Sinners Loved by God - Kohrs, WLP 008914;

Lent 1

Mark 1:12-15

Our perfect substitute stands up to Satan. Repent and believe the good news!

Lessons of Lent: Christ for us

I Want Jesus to Walk with Me – arr. Hopson, Choristers Guild CGA701;

My Savior Jesus – Liebergen, Hal Leonard 35014853;

Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days – Mengel, CPH 98-3343

Lent 2

Mark 8:31-38

Jesus speaks about the cross: first his, then ours.

Lessons of Lent: No cross, no crown

Take Up Your Cross – Hopson, c. 1994 Augsburg Fortress 9780800654504;

Take Up Your Cross – Giamanco, c. 2007 Augsburg Fortress 9780800678968

Lent 3

John 2:13-22

Jesus drives sin out of one temple, promises the destruction of another.

Lessons of Lent: Sin must be condemned

Lamb of God – Paris arr. Johnson, c. 2012 Augsburg Fortress 9781451451641;

Your Heart, O God, Is Grieved – Mahnke, c. 1990 Morning Star MSM-50-9024

Lent 4

John 3:14-21

Everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Lessons of Lent: Salvation only through faith

Someone Special – Vajda, setting by Burkhardt c. 2013 – U/2-pt, Organ, opt. HB, CPH 98-4135 – NPH 285137 $1.90

God So Loved the World – Englert, c. 2002, GIA G-5713;

Lent 5

John 12:20-33

When the time came, Jesus submitted to his Father's will.

Lessons of Lent: No shortcuts, only sacrifice

What Wondrous Love Is This – arr. Harlan, 2000 – SATB, Piano, Hal Leonard 00110383 – NPH 285175 $1.90

Arise, My Soul, Arise – Forrest, c. 2012 Beckenhorst Press BP1973 (NPH 285168)

Lent 6

Mark 11:1-10

Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time.

Lessons of Lent: He died to save

Fanfare for Palm Sunday – arr. McDonald, c. 2012 – SATB, Piano, opt. Children, Inst., Hal Leonard 35028621 – NPH 285179 $2.25

Glory Be to Jesus – Burkhardt, c. 2008 Morning Star MSM-50-6068;

Hosanna! – Gregor arr. Blersch, c. 2013 CPH 98-4140 (NPH 285140)

Maundy Thursday

Mark 14:12-26

The institution of Holy Communion.

Lessons of Lent: Life through his blood

Remember Me-Adams, c. 2009 – SAB/2-pt Mixed, Piano, opt. Flute, Lorenz 10/3786L – NPH 285181 $2.05

Remember Me – Adams, c. 2000 – U/2-pt, Lorenz 10/2459K;

Truly Present, Christ is With Us – Wismar/Gieske, c. 2012 CPH 98-4104;

The Bread of Life – Mangan arr. Tate, c. 2001 WLP 008883

Good Friday

John 19:17-30

Jesus suffers and dies for sin.

Lessons of Lent: He is Priest and Sacrifice

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – arr. Forrest, c. 2010–SATB, Piano, Beckenhorst Press BP1899 – NPH 285167 $2.00

Gethsemane Hymn – Getty and Townend arr. Angerman, c. 2009 Hal Leonard 35028584;

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded – Keesecker, c. 2014 Morning Star MSM-50-3086




Gospel Episode



Easter 1

Mark 16:1-8

At the tomb, the women are told: He is risen!

The Resurrection of Our Lord

He is Risen! – Courtney, c. 2010 – SATB, Organ, Brass, Beckenhorst Press BP1878 – NPH 285166 $1.95;

O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing! – arr. Rodriguez, c. 2010 Hal Leonard 08751730;

The Strife is O’er, The Battle Done – Costello, c. 2011 Morning Star MSM 60-4015

Easter 2

John 20:19-31

Jesus proves his resurrection and proclaims peace.

A Resurrection Relationship: I am proof of peace

We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight – Costello, c. 2008 Morning Star MSM-50-5109;

I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Courtney, c. 1999 Beckenhorst Press BP1563

Easter 3

Luke 24:36-49

Jesus unlocks the Scriptures and commissions the disciples.

A Resurrection Relationship: I am the message; you are the messengers

Lift High the Cross – Schalk, c. 2012 CPH 98-4122;

Good News of God Above – Braun, c. 2007 CPH 98-3923 (NPH 285146);

Rise Up Singing – Basi, c. 2012 WLP 008368

Easter 4

John 10:11-18

The Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

A Resurrection Relationship: I am the Shepherd; you are my sheep

The Good Shepherd – Chepponis, c. 1987 – 2-pt, Piano, WLP 007965 – NPH 285188 $1.65

Within Thy Grace – Ellingboe, c. 2012 Augsburg Fortress 9781451424058;

The Good Shepherd – Highben, c.2010 GIA G-7483 (NPH 285116)

Easter 5

John 15:1-8

Jesus describes how disciples bear fruit.

A Resurrection Relationship: I am the vine; you are the branches

I am the Vine – Bender, c. 2003 CPH 98-3723;

You Are the Branches – Jothen, c. 1996 Choristers Guild CGA755

Easter 6

John 15:9-17

We are no longer servants but friends; friends of Jesus bear fruit.

A Resurrection Relationship: You are my friends

If You Love Me – Light/Tate, c. 2005 GIA G-6671;

How Lovely and How Pleasant – Burkhardt/ Vajda, c. 2012 Morning Star MSM-50-5250


Luke 24:44-53

Jesus commissions his disciples; then ascends into heaven.

A Resurrection Relationship: You are my witnesses

From All That Dwell Below the Skies – Burkhardt, c. 1995 Morning Star MSM-50-9415

Easter 7

John 17:11b-19

Our High Priest prays that his disciples would be sanctified through the word.

A Resurrection Relationship: I return to the Father; you remain in the world

In Endless Exultation – Music, c. 2013 – SATB, Keyboard, opt. Brass, Congr., NPH 2806118E $19.99 (1 needed)

No Longer Stranger – Haas, c. 1993 GIA G-3957;


John 14:25-27

The Holy Spirit gives life by bringing Christ to us and us to Christ.

The Holy Spirit: The Lord, the Giver of Life.

O Thou Who Camest From Above – Stopford, c. 2013 – SATB, Organ, MSM 50-5209 – NPH 285183 $1.70

Spirit of Truth and Life – Manalo, c. 1995 GIA G-3909


Holy Trinity

John 3:1-17

The Father sent the Son so that those born of the Spirit will have eternal life.

Salvation belongs to the Triune God.

For God So Loved the World – Busarow, c. 2011 – SATB, Organ, GIA G-7509 – NPH 285171 $1.80;

Praise to the Lord – arr. Dill, c. 2013 Choristers Guild CGA1338

We All Believe in One True God – Petersen, c. 1999 GIA G-4926 (NPH 284682);

Our Songs Shall Rise to Thee – Wagner, c. 2011 Hal Leonard 35028071

Late Pentecost – End Time

Sources that use lectionaries other than the Christian Worship lectionary may refer to Sundays after Pentecost with the terms “Proper”, “Ordinary” or Lectionary.” So Pentecost 13 may be called Proper 15 or Ordinary or Lectionary20.



Gospel Episode



Pentecost 15

Proper 16 & 17

(September 6, 2015)

Mark 7:1-8,14,15,21-23

Jesus explains inward cleanliness as opposed to outward cleanliness.

Inward cleansing from God’s commands

Search Me, O God – arr. Berg, c. 2011 Choristers Guild CGA1245;

Sprinkling Rite: Cleanse Us, Lord – Joncas, c. 1988 GIA G-3576

Pentecost 16

Proper 18

Mark 7:31-37

Jesus heals a deaf and mute man.

Healing from the one who does all things well

We Cannot Measure How You Heal – arr. Bell, c. 2011 GIA G-8016

Pentecost 17

Mark 8:27-35

Peter’s confession about Christ; Christ’s teaching about the cross.

Blessings from crosses

Take Up Your Cross – Haas, c. 2001 GIA G-5667

Pentecost 18

Proper 20

Mark 9:30-37

Jesus admonishes the disciples after they ask about greatness.

Greatness in humility

Christ Has Called Us To New Visions – Proulx, c. 1994 GIA G-4220

Pentecost 19

Proper 21

Mark 9:38-50

The disciples object when others drive out demons.

Joy in God’s generosity

Pentecost 20

Proper 22

Mark 10:2-16

Jesus instructs about the permanency of marriage and the faith of little children.

Beauty in God’s plan for the family

Let the Children Come to Me – Runyan, c. 1982 WLP 7846

Pentecost 21

Proper 23

Mark 10:17-27

Jesus is questioned by the rich young man.

Contentment in kingdom riches

Pentecost 22

Mark 10:35-45

After the selfish request of James and John, Jesus teaches about service and sacrifice.

Authority used in service

To Be a Servant – Haas, c. 2000 GIA G-5185

P23 & P24 do not occur in 2015

End Time 1


Proper 28

Mark 13:5-11

Kings' and princes' opposition will lead to the apostles' opportunity.

Comfort amid Chaos: Opposition brings opportunity

Foundations of Faith – arr. Martin, c. 2013 – SATB, Piano, Hal Leonard 35028679 – NPH 285176 $1.90;

Sometimes a Light Surprises – Sterling, c. 2012 Hal Leonard 35028599;

A Mighty Fortress – arr. Berg, c. 2013 Choristers Guild CGA1324;

End Time 2

Last Judgment

Lent 3A

John 5:19-30

The Father has entrusted all things to the Son, including judgment.

Comfort amid Chaos: Judgment belongs to Jesus

When the Lord in Glory Comes – Moore, c. 1993 GIA G-3841;

My Lord, What a Morning – arr. Gilpin, c. 2012 Choristers Guild CGA1287

End Time 3

Saints Triumphant

Proper 29

Mark 13:24-27

Before destruction, God will send his angels to gather the elect.

Comfort amid Chaos: Deliverance precedes destruction

Lord, Let At Last Thine Angels Come – Gerike, c. 1998 GIA G-4680;

Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand – Schalk, c. 2007 GIA G-6679

End Time Last

Christ the King

Proper 29 (alt)

John 18:33-37

Christ rules a kingdom not of this world.

Comfort amid Chaos: Once rejected, now reigning

At Jesus’ Name – Joncas, c. 2007 – SATB, Organ, GIA G-7136 – NPH 285173 $1.75;

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name/O All You Works of God – arr. Clemens, c. 2013 World Library Publications 008909;

At the Name of Jesus – Braun, NPH 286067E (286068E FS, Inst, Congr.)