Resources for Worship Planning

There are several very valuable resources available for planning worship found below.  Each of them is highly recommended. 

  • Enhancing the Liturgical Year document and presentation by Pastor Johnold Strey from the 2014 Worship Conference
    • Download the document and the presentation below
  • The Institute for Worship and Outreach planning suggestions can be found here

Finally, a priceless tool for planning worship has been created and is available for free. It is a very powerful Google spreadsheet that is available here. You will need to make a copy of the Google spreadsheet for yourself to become an administrator who can edit the sheet. Also note, all the features, functions, and calculations may or may not work perfectly if exported to Excel format.

With this tool you can do things such as:

  • Plan for every part of worship
  • Track usage in worship of things like hymns
  • Share your planning with others

Here are some further worship planning documents: